Sail, Snorkel & Kayak Excursion Key West

Kayaking Key West Mangrove Island - Photo by Jutta FarrerIf you travel to Key West, make sure you save a half day or even better a full day for a trip with Danger Charters. This sailing excursion takes you to the amazing back country and an ecosystem with an incredible tropical array of birds, rays, sharks, sport fish, and more.

Sail aboard a beautiful custom designed shallow-draft schooner in the very shallow waters of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge which is the home to countless beautiful and deserted islands. These protected waters are even calm on the windiest of days.

Snorkeling in back country with Danger Charters - Photo by Jutta FarrerSnorkel on pristine and uncharted patch reefs and wrecks, and learn all about the mangrove ecosystem during a guided paddling trip kayaking through a maze of mangrove-canopied canals and streams.

Due to the topography of islands and flats that surround the wildlife refuge, you can be assured of great visibility and calm seas providing a perfect place to snorkel. First time snorkelers will receive assistance and one-on-one instruction.  It’s a very informative and fun trip for five year old’s all the way up to the grandparents.

Nature Guide Danger Charters - Photo by Jutta FarrerA highly capable and very friendly crew is knowledgeable about the area, wildlife, and the environment. The captain, staff and guides are extremely committed to make sure everyone on board has a memorable excursion.

All the equipment is top-notch and this is the safest sailing trip , (in spite of the name Danger Charters ) you can possibly take. 

The day excursion (morning or afternoon) on a 65 ft spacious schooner includes:

- Sailing through the shallow water of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge

Snorkeling and snorkeling gear

- Complimentary fresh tropical fruit platter, soft drinks, water, wine and beer (after snorkeling).

Kayaks and paddles and life vest upon request.

- Guided Kayaking tour to secluded mangrove islands

Sail, Snorkel & Kayak Trip - Half Day (morning) - $80.00 per Person

Sail, Snorkel & Kayak Trip - Half Day (afternoon) – $85.00 per Person

Sail, Snorkel & Kayak Trip - Full Day  - $110.00 per Person

The full day includes a lunch featuring curried chicken, tuna, and pasta salads, a selection of deli meats and cheeses, artisan breads and a little something sweet!

A trip with Danger Charters will exceed your expectations and will be the highlight of your trip to Key West! Every $$ will be worth spending. Promise!

Contact Mountain Island Connections at 828.497.2104 or email if you would like to book one of the trips or if I can answer any questions. 

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